When Her Ex Called a Decade Later

Her precious little boy was just 8 months old when the divorce was finalized.  Kim packed her belongings and moved herself and her son back home.  She was ready for a fresh start, she needed a new beginning.

Even though she had every right to leave her marriage behind, it is not what she wanted.  More than anything, she wanted her husband to choose her over the woman he was having an affair with.  She wanted him to choose their son, their family.

But he did not, so she had to leave.  His selfish choices had broken her heart and left her and her son without a protector.  Well not completely, she still had God and she knew that He would never leave her.

Kim was in survival mode.  She did what she could to get through each day, to care for her baby and to provide for his needs.  Eventually she found the strength to live again and to love again.

She built a new life with her new family, and she discovered that there was hope for a different kind of marriage with a man who cherished her.  But what about her son, was it fair for her to cut him off from his birth-father completely?

She knew she owed her ex nothing.  He had no right to ask her for a relationship with a child he had never supported, but her son had every right to know his birth-father.  Kim is a woman of faith and she believed that it was the right thing to do, so each summer and every other Christmas she sent her son to spend a few weeks with a man she did not trust.

The most difficult thing for Kim was the kind of life her son was exposed to when he went to visit his birth-dad.  She had worked so hard to build a strong family with her new husband and to protect her children from the dangers of this world.

But each time she said goodbye to her precious little boy, she had to trust that God would protect him.  She had to trust that God had a plan.  If she didn’t, the fear and uncertainty would certainly have destroyed her. Divorce splits hearts and families in two and no matter how much healing occurs, the scars are often permanent.

As time went on her son grew into a man, he began to realize the sacrifice his mom had made for all of those years.  He realized how difficult it was for her to send him to be with his birth-father, and he grew to respect her strength and determination.  She was willing to put his needs to know his father above her needs for retribution.

He also began to appreciate how much prayer went into those visits.  How much she still cared for this man who had hurt her and how she chose to show him respect even when he had not deserved it.  Because even when you move on and build a life separate from your ex, you never forget how you once loved them.


Her sacrifice was not in vain. More than a decade after their divorce, her ex called her and apologized for the poor choices he had made.  But it was so much more than that.

Her ability to set aside her fears and allow her son to have a relationship with his birth-father played a huge role in her ex’s  transformation.  He chose to turn from the things that tore his first family apart, and began to live a positive lifestyle.  He finally found the strength to seek forgiveness from Kim and she willingly gave it.

I hope you learn from the example this woman set. Divorce is devastating, but forgiveness is freeing.  Faith, hope, and prayer are powerful.  Doing what you know is right, even when it hurts, is the best way to secure a happy future for yourself and your children.  It may take more than a decade for your ex to say they are sorry, and it may never happen at all.

Can you choose faith and forgiveness even when the future is still uncertain?


This is a true story, written by Kim’s youngest daughter. If you have a story, please send it to me. Details HERE.

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